• Clinical Laboratory and Histopathology Laboratory obtained accreditations by The Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS)

  • Hospital was again granted Accreditation by Australian Council on Healthcare Standard International (ACHSI) for commitment to continuous quality improvement. The accreditation status is valid until February 2024.

  • Hospital is accredited by the Hong Kong Colleague of Medical Nursing as a training center for Infection Control Nursing. The accreditation status is valid until March 2027

  • Hospital is accredited by the Hong Kong Colleague of Perioperative Nursing as a training hospital for Perioperative Nursing. The accreditation status is valid until April 2027



  • Hospital was awarded 20 Years Plus Caring Company by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for its commitment to corporate social responsibility for the community, employees, and the environment

  • Government gratitude letter received for contribution to government-led Community Vaccination Programme to combat the COVID-19 epidemic

  • Hospital was awarded certificate by Eye Care Charitable Foundation in recognition of its invaluable services and contributions

  • Hospital was awarded Good MPF Employer by Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority to recognize its retirement protection for employees.


Environmental Sustainability

  • Hospital is granted Carbon Credits Retirement Certificate by Shell for its participation in projects to reduce global carbon emissions

  • Commenced cooperation with a Non-government Organization to massively recycle plastic bottles and containers. Currently, around one tonne of plastic bottles has been recycled each month

  • St. Teresa’s Hospital pursue the environmental friendly practices including recycling of materials, reduction of waste, use of eco-friendly products, saving of energy and water. Due to the unfailing efforts on these practices, St. Teresa’s Hospital got the Bronze Award in the Category of Public organisation / Utility of the “GREEN PLUS” programme by CLP at the end of 2017. It gave recognition to our contributions on innovative environmental awareness practices and outstanding quantitative energy saving performance.