COVID-19 Disease Emergency Response Level

Notice to Patients and Visitors

COVID-19 Disease Emergency Response Level

Infection Control measures has been enhanced since the activated Emergency Response Level in January 2020. In the view of COVID-19 disease outbreak in community, St. Teresa’s Hospital would implement the following restrictions. We would like to seek your cooperation in the followings:


1. All people should wear surgical mask within hospital compound.

2. Practice Hand Hygiene before entering and leaving the ward / hospital area.

3. All visitors and patients would be taken temperature before entering hospital.

4. No visiting is allowed for visitors who has symptoms such as respiratory symptoms, fever, diarrhea, etc.

5. No visiting is allowed for visitor who has recent contact history with suspected/confirmed COVID-19 cases.

6. If there is evidence suggesting that patients / visitors are having COVID-19 Disease, he/she will be transferred to a HA hospital immediately. St. Teresa’s Hospital will not admit COVID-19 Disease patients.

7. For pregnant women (except those admitted for delivery) and children under 18 years old, they should not visit patients in the hospital.

8. There should not be more than ONE visitor at each visiting.


Thank you for your cooperation.